Seize the day!

Ten thousand years is too long. Seize the day! Seize the hour! —Mao Zedong


Communism has functioned as one of history’s great energizing ideals. Enormous numbers of people have mobilized and sacrificed to pursue this ideal.

Communism has deep roots in our human nature. Roots in empathy, which has its most developed form in humans. Roots in our 100,000 years history of egalitarian human communities. Roots in the most expansive reach of our imaginations.

Just as our imaginations can reach out to the stars and galaxies, so our imaginations can reach out to a society of equals, a society of solidarity, a society of life and happiness for all.

To limit our imaginations, our ideals, our commitment to self interest is as pathetic as limiting our vision to the dirt between our toes. What about the horizon? What about the sky above?

Lift up your eyes! Seize the day!

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