Fidel Castro as tyrant

324px-fidel_castro_1950s“Let’s avoid shilly-shallying back and forth between hailing the Comandante as ‘Heroic Guerrilla’ and decrying another God That Failed.  Fidel Castro was a tyrant who directed a police state.  He was also a superb revolutionary leader, not just early on but throughout his exceedingly long, productive life, and neither of those statements negates the other.  Indeed, they are inextricably connected.

“When I say Fidel was a tyrant, I mean in the original sense of the word: a popular leader who rules by command and dispenses justice as he sees fit, brought to power by the demos (the people or the mob, depending on your perspective) and kept in power by his command over them. This is a frightening, compelling, one might have thought archaic, mode of rule, but let’s have no illusions it was made anachronistic by some end-of-history bunk.”

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