Month: January 2017

Rehersals of revolutionary awareness

Here is a good article by the late John Berger about the real function of demonstrations. The article dates from the heady days of 1968, long gone but not forgotten (by me). Berger argues that the true purpose of demonstrations is not to convince the authorities of something. […]

Bridge of Lies

Recently I watched the Steven Spielberg movie Bridge of Spies. This movie is about several famous Cold War episodes: the capture and prosecution of a Russian spy in the United States, the capture and prosecution of an American spy in the Soviet Union, and the successful efforts to […]

Lies: like a fish swimming in water

As I work on my book about anticommunism, I see more and more clearly that we live surrounded by lies. And more than that, much more disturbing, much more frightening, these lies penetrate and saturate and compose our very selves. We don’t just swim in these lies like […]

Liberal freedom is cruel and inhumane

As I have been working on my book, I have come to realize more and more clearly how fundamentally amoral and inhumane liberalism is. In a recent article  the philosopher M. G. Piety says: Plato thought the freedoms associated with democracy would ultimately destroy it. I explain to […]

Against cynicism

Cynicism says everything is rotten. Cynicism says everything is corrupt. But cynicism never attacks corruption. Instead it attacks ideals. Why? Because cynicism needs rottenness and corruption. Without these cynicism would itself appear ridiculous. And besides, to attack evil requires an ideal. But cynicism despises all ideals. So cynicism […]

Truth is a lie

An entire society can be built on a mountain of lies. The most fundamental beliefs, the most intensely held convictions, the most intense motivating energy of an entire world can be based on nonsense. Complete nonsense. Deranged nonsense. Nonsense that causes vast suffering. This happens all the time […]

How Stasi was the Stasi?

The popular 2006 film The Lives of Others portrays communist East Germany (the German Democratic Republic) as a grim Orwellian regime of totalitarian surveillance, where secret police in headphones sit hour after hour listening in on people’s most private lives.  It is often claimed that in East Germany one […]