Truth is a lie


Decapitator deity

An entire society can be built on a mountain of lies. The most fundamental beliefs, the most intensely held convictions, the most intense motivating energy of an entire world can be based on nonsense. Complete nonsense. Deranged nonsense. Nonsense that causes vast suffering.

This happens all the time and is in fact completely normal.

Look at the ancient Andean civilizations. Thousands of years of empires based on human sacrifice. Worship of decapitator deities pictured in art holding severed heads and decapitation knives.

Look at the Aztec empire. An endless parade of victims marched to the top of pyramids where their still beating hearts were ripped out of their chests. Only this continuous line of sacrifice could keep the sun rising.

Look at the European Middle Ages. Feudalism and domination by the Roman Church. Complex and subtle theology. A vast totalitarian strangle-hold on society by priests and lords. All based on imaginary nonsense. All based on beliefs that are simply untrue.

Highly successful social systems, empires lasting centuries, can be based on lies and nonsense. And the lies and the nonsense can act as a glue holding the system together for long ages.

Any theory and practice of liberation must deal with this sad fact. Humans have a very fast and loose relationship with the truth.

Truth is the servant of power. Truth is what power wants and needs. Truth is what power demands.

Truth is a lie.

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