Against cynicism

Cynicism says everything is rotten. Cynicism says everything is corrupt.

But cynicism never attacks corruption. Instead it attacks ideals. Why?

Because cynicism needs rottenness and corruption. Without these cynicism would itself appear ridiculous. And besides, to attack evil requires an ideal. But cynicism despises all ideals.

So cynicism is bound up with the rottenness and corruption of the world. It needs them and it reinforces them and it directs its venom instead at those who would change the world.

There is no better world, says cynicism. This world is all there is, and it stinks. But even worse are those who would seek to overcome these evils. They are either fools or knaves. Avoid them like the plague.

Cynicism presents itself as the sorry truth. But cynicism isn’t sorry about this truth at all.

Cynicism is a lie.

Categories: Philosophy