Month: February 2017

Trump, the Deep State, and the Terminator

I really hate to write anything about Trump because I am sick and tired of the whole issue. But it’s so important it can’t be avoided. What is happening now is that the “deep state” is more or less attempting to overthrow, or at least neutralize, a new […]

US Middle East wars have killed 4 million

The US and its sidekicks Britain and the EU have been engaged in imperial wars against a great many Muslim countries since at least 1991. These wars have devastated country after country. Whole societies have been wrecked, ruined, and reduced to chaos and misery. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, […]

Is the West dead?

No, I’m not talking about global warming or nuclear war. The philosopher Andre Vltchek speaks of something even more fundamental in his essay The West is finished. He begins with the obvious: the West is utterly triumphant. Measured by its ability to dominate the planet, to amass colossal […]