Month: March 2017

Capitalism is a parasite on communism

I was happy to see an outright defense of communism (at least philosophical communism) in the conventional left magazine Counterpunch. The author, Chris Wright, makes a number of good points: Communism is the foundation of all human sociability. Communism is the raw material of sociality: a recognition of […]

Abandon socialism!

I mean the word “socialism.” This word is too weak. Too compromised. Even Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist. He means a kind of New Deal liberalism: capitalism with modest social welfare. Capitalism with a benevolent face. We have moved so far to the right that even pathetic […]

Anticommunist tactic: our high standards

Anticommunism is a morality tale. They are wicked, we are good. The “we are good” part is usually left unstated. It is simply taken as self-evident. This makes the assumption all that more powerful (and preserves it from challenge). But if the anticommunist is forced to concede that […]

Bitter Truth

One of the H-bomb accusations against communism is that Stalin deliberately created a horrific famine in the Ukraine in 1932-33, killing millions. Supposedly this was done to crush peasant resistance to forced agricultural collectivization and to destroy Ukrainian nationalism. This story has been around since the 1930s, when […]

A People’s History of Communism?

Following the huge success of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, a great many other “people’s histories” have appeared. A brief search of Amazon shows titles such as these: A People’s History of the World A People’s History of Modern Europe A People’s History of […]