Abandon socialism!

I mean the word “socialism.” This word is too weak. Too compromised. Even Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist. He means a kind of New Deal liberalism: capitalism with modest social welfare. Capitalism with a benevolent face. We have moved so far to the right that even pathetic near beer like this is considered daring, left, socialist.

Socialism doesn’t challenge capitalism. Socialism seeks to soften it. But capitalism remains.

Capitalism is destroying everything. It is destroying both the natural world and the human world. It does this by its inner nature.

Capitalism must grow, expand. And to do this it must dominate everything. It must turn all existence into commodities, things to be sold, sources of profit to be accumulated. Wealth accumulation takes precedence over everything, human and otherwise.

Capitalism is radically inhumane. It’s about competition to see who can become rich. Who can climb up above others. About dog eat dog. About individual egos.

It’s about freedom. The freedom of capital. The freedom to pursue your own happiness without concern for others.

All this is in capitalism’s DNA.

Socialism only makes this demonic system more palatable. Like affluence. Like consumerism. Socialism is really just a form of affluence and consumerism. It doesn’t challenge, let alone replace, capitalism’s inner demons.

Here is Grover Furr:

I’d say we should abandon the term “socialism.” Marx never used it. Its use came from the social-democratic parties out of which the Bolsheviks came.

Communism – a world of equality and solidarity, in which everyone is a worker and no one lives by exploitation – is the age-old goal of the working classes. It’s a good name.

Jodi Dean, in her book The Communist Horizon, put it this way:

No other word symbolizes anti-capitalism like communism. And that’s reason enough to claim it, hold onto it, and organize around it.

Abandon socialism. Reclaim communism. Accept nothing less.

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