Capitalism is a parasite on communism

I was happy to see an outright defense of communism (at least philosophical communism) in the conventional left magazine Counterpunch. The author, Chris Wright, makes a number of good points:

  • Communism is the foundation of all human sociability.
  • Communism is the raw material of sociality: a recognition of our ultimate interdependence that is the ultimate substance of social peace.
  • Communism is a principle immanent in everyday life.
  • Communism is aligned with the Golden Rule: treat people like you want to be treated, with respect and compassion.
  • Communism is moral common sense.
  • A communist society in simply a society where the “baseline communism” of everyday life is the main principle of social organization.

But here is his finest conclusion:

Capitalism is parasitic on everyday communism: everything would collapse if the latter even momentarily vanished.

There we have it. Capitalism, which vaunts itself as the highest rationality, which condemns communism as a destructive utopia, would not itself survive a moment without the vast underlying social foundation of everyday communism: human basic sociability, community, cooperation, compassion, all of which are basic to human nature.

It’s not communism that is unnatural. It’s capitalism, and class society generally, which have parasitized humanity and created monsters.

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