Syria: The lies never die

A sad day. We are trapped in a world of lies and there is no escape. The lies never die. The lies never stop.

Yesterday the US launched a cruise missile attack on Syria.

Once again the US is accusing Syria of using poison gas and killing large numbers of civilians, including children. Once again the US media is trumpeting the charge without question. Once again the US is bombing another country.

It didn’t take long for new President Trump to become a properly domesticated servant of  the US war machine. It was obvious from the start that the whole Russian election-hacking story was simply a lie designed to undermine Trump, to spread the notion that somehow Trump was a tool of Russia and the evil mastermind Putin.

Trump’s repeated statements, before and after the election, that he wanted the US out of regime change, that he wanted to work cooperatively with Russia, were a serious threat to the war system. This enormous machinery of war — endless war, one war after another, multiple wars at once, one country destroyed after another, decade after decade — this colossal monster of war making will simply never tolerate anything or anyone who threatens its continued existence.

Trump was progressively driven into a corner where, if he didn’t act aggressively in Syria and elsewhere, he would only be demonstrating that he is a tool of Russia. An empty-headed, narcissistic gas bag like Trump doesn’t have the depth of character or understanding to withstand such a massive assault. Probably no one does, actually. And if any President ever did, well, there are other ways of dealing with that problem.

So today I have had to sacrifice time I could have spent on my book. Instead I have spent the day rereading articles about previous bogus claims of chemical warfare by Syria.

Does anyone even remember that it was only a few years ago that the US was poised to wage a massive cruise missile war against Syria? Why? Because Syria was accused of killing hundreds of civilians with sarin gas in an attack in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. A red line had been crossed. Humanitarian intervention was required.

But the US cruise missile attack never came off. The charges fell apart. And Russia brokered a deal with the UN in which Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons was dismantled, shipped out of the country, and disposed of.

Syria has no chemical weapons. Even if Syria has secretly violated the deal and retained a few weapons, it has absolutely no motive to use them. First, to do so would provide the US with exactly the excuse to attack that it has long been itching for. Second, Syria, with Russian help, is winning the war against the jihadists. The use of chemical weapons, even if Syria has them, would be a desperation move. But it is the jihadists who are desperate now, not the Syrian government.

Go back and read this fine article by Seymour Hirsh. Using inside sources as well as  classified US government documents, he shows that the Syrian jihadists are positively known by the US to have chemical weapons as well as the knowledge and capacity to use them, and that the sarin gas used in the Ghouta attack does not match the type of sarin gas possessed by the Syria government.

Hirsh provides much more information on the weapons and support being supplied to the jihadist groups in Syria by a variety of countries with their own disparate motives. Turkey wants to carve off a slice of Syria to stymie to Kurds. Saudi Arabia wants to support the Salafist jihadists against the secular Syrian government. And the US wants to destroy any defiantly independent government in the Middle East as part of its global domination project.

The US and the West have long, long since absolutely perfected the art of the black legend. My own book is about the anticommunist black legend. But black legends — moral horror stories — can be about anything or anybody that needs to be attacked and destroyed.

The West has the most sophisticated propaganda apparatus in all of human history. This is a gift to the world from capitalism. Capitalism needs to sell, to promote, to absolutely guarantee a continual mass market for all the commodities it spews out. Capitalist competition between business entities, whose success and survival depend on winning that contest,  has driven the development of this system to utter perfection.

And it can be used to sell us anything.  Including endless war.

And the lies never die. They are simply and shamelessly resurrected as needed.

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