Month: May 2017

You can’t know the truth unless you care

As I work on my book about the anticommunist black legend, I have become more and more aware of the world of lies we live within. We are like fish swimming in water and not even knowing it. Almost everything we know about the world — and almost […]

Left Anticommunism as Self-Mutilation

The left today is as anticommunist as the right, maybe even more so. This may be surprising. After all, the left, by definition, is the political movement to overthrow class society — and thus capitalism — and establish a world based on equality. One would think that communism […]

Capitalism as a Totalitarian System

In an interesting article entitled “Popular Culture as a Weapon of Mass Distortion” the author points out: Although the term “propaganda” is often associated with so-called “undemocratic totalitarian systems”  … the extent of propaganda in the so-called “civilized and free democratic world” has actually reached an exponent much […]