Month: June 2017

Nazi victims of communism II

In today’s Bulgaria there are at least two national monuments to “victims of communism” as well as a memorial website. In addition, there is an official Day of Homage and Gratitude to the Victims of the Communist Regime. It turns out that many of these victims were Nazi […]

Nazi victims of communism

From time to time you hear about so-called memorials to the “victims of communism.” Such monuments have been established in various countries and apparently now Canada is considering one. I have never heard of a memorial to the victims of capitalism, or to the victims of Western colonialism […]

The United States: destroyer of worlds

The inveterate anticommunist pseudo-scholar Robert Conquest once wrote a book entitled Stalin: Breaker of Nations. A better and more urgent and more truthful book would be The United States: Destroyer of Nations, Destroyer of Worlds. To most people this sounds ridiculous, even insane. But in fact it is […]

What is the probability of nuclear war?

The age of nuclear war began only a short time ago, in August 1945, less than two years before I was born. So far, WWII has been the only nuclear war. Since then, the number of nuclear weapons, their destructive power, the means for delivering them, and the […]

Global chaos and destruction

What the United States wants, what it demands, and what it believes it possesses by right, is to dominate the entire planet. Every nation on earth should be a part of a global political, military, and economic structure with the US at the top. Everyone should play their […]