Global chaos and destruction

What the United States wants, what it demands, and what it believes it possesses by right, is to dominate the entire planet. Every nation on earth should be a part of a global political, military, and economic structure with the US at the top. Everyone should play their assigned role within this structure and nothing else. This resembles the Medieval concept of the Great Chain of Being: an ordered universe with God at the top, followed by the King, the nobles, and the commoners at the bottom.

Following World War Two, the US stood astride the world. Europe and Japan were in ashes. The US alone possessed the A-bomb, the ultimate weapon, and had shown its willingness to use it, twice, against helpless civilians. All systems were “Go” for the American Century.

Yet there was a fly in the ointment. The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China together encompassed nearly a third of the world’s population within a system that repudiated both capitalism and American world domination. The Cold War ensued with the purpose of encapsulating, strangling, and if possible destroying this alternative system.

After decades of Cold War, the strategies of “containment” and “rollback” apparently worked. The Soviet Union dismantled itself. China opted to open large parts of its economy to global capital. The US remained the sole superpower. The “Exceptional Nation” had finally achieved its natural destiny.

But this triumphant consolidation of global domination—this “end of history”—was not to last. Inevitably other poles arise within a monopolar world. Outrageously, two of these—Russia and China—were the former chief enemies of the Cold War. They must be stopped. Official US policy is to prevent the rise of any powers that could potentially challenge US domination. The US is now reverting to tried and true strategies from the past: containment and rollback. A new Cold War is being prepared.

However, the global situation is now different than at the inception of the Cold War. At that time the US accounted for most of the industrial production of the entire planet. Its economic power and influence were phenomenal. The US also had an unparalleled war machine with a global reach and a seemingly limitless capacity to bomb. The US still has the military power but not the economic.

This brings us to the subject of chaos and destruction. Despite its staggering advantages, the United States was never able to create the stable and obedient global empire it desired. Instead of a well functioning machine, the American Empire was always an empire of chaos and destruction. Nothing else would work.

The challenges started at once. First there was the Korean War. The US used its incomparable ability to bomb to reduce Korea, especially North Korea, to ruins. In all of North Korea there were hardly any large structures left intact. People lived in holes in the ground. The death toll was enormous. The US threw everything into conquering the entire Korean peninsula, but North Korea and China, among the poorest nations on earth, fought the US to a standstill and returned the borders to what they had been before the war. The US was able to inflict massive devastation, millions of deaths, but the result was a stalemate.

Then there was Vietnam. After a very long war, after massive bombing, after massive environmental devastation, after millions of deaths, the US lost the war, and not only in Vietnam but also in Laos and Cambodia.

Where in the Cold War did the US actually have a outright military victory? Governments were overthrown in many small countries, it is true, although usually by supporting internal reactionary forces. Dictatorships were installed. Progress was crushed or poisoned, in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, and elsewhere. A few very small countries were invaded and stomped: Grenada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti.

The entire of the Cold War was a process of destruction and poisoning. Destruction through war and mass bombing. Poisoning the environment through Agent Orange. Poisoning hope by undermining progressive change everywhere possible.

In the background was always the ultimate in destruction, chaos, and poisoning: nuclear war. As Michio Kaku (To Win a Nuclear War) and Paul Johnstone (From MAD to Madness) have documented, from the beginning of the Cold War the United States sought not only nuclear supremacy but a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union and China. War planners not only projected the annihilation of the Soviet Union but also many tens of millions of American deaths as an acceptable cost. As Kaku shows, the only reason one of these early plans was not implemented was the technical inability of the US to stock enough A-bombs fast enough.

Since its putative victory in the Cold War, the US strategy of chaos and destruction has only accelerated. The wars in the Middle East have all been what Diana Johnstone terms “spoiler wars,” wars designed to simply destroy functioning society. This has been true in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. If you can’t win, then destroy.

Denis Rancourt explains the reason:

The USA wants continuous instability and violence because global stability and respect for national sovereignty (the very basis of the UN Charter) imply the natural development and independence of Eurasia, Latin America, Africa… and the natural loss of USA hegemony.

It’s as simple as that, and always has been. If you cannot create a well-functioning client state, then create chaos. This has been the US mission on planet earth for seventy years at least. And now the Cold War cycle is starting all over again, with the nuclear danger as great as it ever was.

The Empire of Chaos and Annihilation. Perhaps the most evil regime in human history.







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