The United States: destroyer of worlds

The inveterate anticommunist pseudo-scholar Robert Conquest once wrote a book entitled Stalin: Breaker of Nations. A better and more urgent and more truthful book would be The United States: Destroyer of Nations, Destroyer of Worlds.

To most people this sounds ridiculous, even insane. But in fact it is not only true, it is obviously true. All one has to do is look.

  • The US is founded on the American Holocaust, in which hundreds of indigenous societies were driven to extinction, with only tiny remnants surviving. Not one square mile of this country would exist as part of the United States without this continental genocide. Listen: the United States would not and could not exist without genocide.
  • US policy has always been “war unto utter surrender or utter annihilation.” The centuries-long American Genocide Wars started this policy. Indigenous societies were either utterly defeated, driven from their land with the survivors confined to concentration camps, or else they were simply exterminated.
  • The US demanded “unconditional surrender” from Japan (i.e. utter surrender, no conditions). To achieve this it dropped, without warning, not one but two atomic bombs, on two cities of no military significance and filled with civilians, on an already beaten and virtually helpless country, which it knew for a fact to be on the verge of surrender.
  • The US virtually annihilated North Korea in an attempt at conquest. The bombing was so intense there were almost no physical structures left intact. People lived in holes in the ground. Dams and dikes were bombed to flood farmland. Pilots began complaining there was nothing left to target.
  • The US has inflicted one “spoiler war” after another on the Middle East: Iraq, Libya, Syria. Whole countries are ruined, no just physically, but their very functioning as coherent societies is destroyed. Millions of deaths. Millions of refugees.
  • (I skip over much.)
  • From the very beginning of the Atomic Age the US coveted the absolute power which it hoped nuclear weapons would give it. Many times it seriously considered using nuclear weapons to destroy opponents. The US was the driver of the nuclear arms race, always seeking a position from which it could threaten or inflict a nuclear first strike. War planners believed that after a nuclear war the US would ultimately prevail, despite suffering tens of millions of deaths.
  • Now the US is doing it all over again, instigating a new Cold War, aggressively confronting Russia and China to neutralize or remove any alternative global powers. The nuclear threat has returned, maybe as bad as in the darkest days of the Cold War. Global domination is non-negotiable, even at the cost of nuclear destruction. After all, the US will “ultimately prevail,” whatever the cost.

That people do not see this—that they believe the US is the great, good nation in human history, the exceptional country which the whole world depends on—this is one of the great delusions of history.


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