Identity politics: a gift to the ruling class

The Left has been destroyed. Identity politics has taken its place.

It takes a Paul Craig Roberts, not himself a leftist, to see this clearly:

Once upon a time the leftwing of the political spectrum was committed to the advancement of the working class and its protection from political and economic abuse by the owners of the means of production.

Once upon a time. But now all that has changed. Now the “left” is all about the rights of increasingly tiny splinter groups. And about the aggressive suppression of speech. Class consciousness doesn’t exist at all.

The working class has been redefined as “the Trump deplorables” and splintered into separate “victim groups”—women, racial minorities, homosexuals, transgendered. The oppressors are no longer oligarchs who own the means of production. The oppressor is the sexist, misogynist, homophobic, heterosexual, fascist, white supremacist male working class.

The struggle against class oppression and all of its spin-offs is the core of the Left, but the “left” no longer opposes war, imperialism, or class domination. It is obsessed with incorrect speech, genderless pronouns, who get to use what bathroom, adding still more letters to the ever lengthening LGBT acronym. If only victim groups can get their rights, then everyone can compete on a level playing field and rise—or sink—to their proper place in the hierarchy of success and failure.

Class is irrelevant. It’s old fashioned nonsense. The “left” is now about splintering the working class into a myriad of hostile groups, all at each others throats.

Nothing could be finer for the ruling class.

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