Sex Hysteria Is Deep Indoctrination for Totalitarian Rule

Sex Hysteria 2017. I have been mystified by the logic behind the current sex hysteria, which is claiming a massive toll in the entertainment industry. Who is behind this and why is it happening?

I do not believe anything really massive and transforming happens in society without the support of the ruling class, or at least powerful segments of it. So why is the ruling class pushing sex hysteria?

Looking at the basic logic of the hysteria, I think we can begin to see an answer. A typical case goes something like this:

  • Someone, perhaps anonymously, makes accusations about sexual impropriety.
  • The accusations range across an array of purported acts, from rape (rarely), to groping, kissing, touching, jokes, and “lewd” comments.
  • The accusations can be from 20, 30, 40 years ago.
  • Reaction and punishment are often instantaneous, sometimes literally in under 24 hours.
  • The accused is fired and organizations break all ties; efforts are made to literally erase the person’s career.

Several features stand out:

  • Accusations are broad, encompassing even the lightest touch or gesture.
  • Accusations are almost never questioned.
  • Punishment is inflicted with frightening speed.
  • Punishment is extreme, amounting to banishment and career annihilation.

What is all this teaching us? It is teaching us that we have no rights: don’t expect them. That there is no due process: don’t expect it. That anyone could go down at any time: this means you. That anyone who steps out of line will be instantly annihilated, no questions asked. Could anything be more frightening? (Well, at least they don’t drag you into a cellar and shoot you.)

The ruling class has decided it needs a totalitarian society, and the sex hysteria is preparing us for this.

Why has the ruling class opted for totalitarianism? If you look at the history of capitalism, there have been two broad modes of rule. One is liberal democracy (so called): rule of law, civil liberties, elections in which segments of the ruling class can compete with one another. The other broad form is fascism: explicit authoritarian rule with crushing of all dissent.

Capitalism swings between these two forms depending on conditions. When capitalism is stable and support for its rule is broad, it opts for liberal democracy. When the economy is failing and serious popular resistance mounts, it opts for repression.

What does contemporary capitalism have to offer ordinary people? Nothing. Not stable and secure jobs. Not improving living standards. Not freedom. People increasingly despise the ruling class and its political fronts.

So the current sex hysteria is simply mass conditioning for totalitarian domination.

[Excellent updates on the progressing sex purges are provided by David Walsh at the World Socialist Web Site.]


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