Is the Ruling Class Shooting Itself in the Foot?

Sex Hysteria 2017. The ruling class, by promoting this insane sex hysteria, may be inadvertently undermining the stability of its own rule.

Every stable system hierarchy depends on middle layers. The middle layers, between the real ruling class at the very top and the mass of ordinary people at the bottom, are intermediaries. A ruling class is too small to keep everyone on the leash: each one of  them would have to hold millions of reins in their hands. Impossible.

Instead, the tiny top layer controls a somewhat larger layer just below themselves. This layer, in turn, controls an even larger layer beneath, and so on all the way down to the nobodies at the bottom.

But this hierarchy works because each intermediate layer gets something from it. Each higher layer gets higher rewards. This cements the who thing in place.

But what is the current sex hysteria doing? Anyone can lose their position instantly and for reasons so broad and vague that no one can be safe. Or at least no man can be safe. How can you build a career, knowing that it could be erased instantly be an accusation, maybe from decades ago?

The privileged layers, crucial to stable hierarchy, are based on careers. Ordinary people, nobodies, proletarians, don’t have careers. They have jobs, if they’re lucky. Jobs come and go. You get fired for whatever reason and you go look for another crappy job.

But professionals, upper layer people, have careers. They build these careers over time. But why bother, why put in all the effort, if it can all be “disappeared” in the flick of an eye?

Denis Rancourt writes about how this sort of thing can happen. Human social systems are dominance hierarchies. But for these hierarchies to be stable, there have to be protections for ordinary people—the dominated—built into the system.  When the top elites take too much power, leaving ordinary people without protection, the entire system is eventually destabilized.

This seems to be what is happening today in the USA. Ordinary people have for many years had little security in jobs and income. Now this is spreading even to those with well established careers. “All that is solid melts into air…”

Reference: Denis Rancourt, Cause of USA Meltdown and Collapse of Civil Rights

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