The Fake Reality of Luscious Green Apples

We are in the midst of a whole series of manufactured hysterias: the #MeToo sex hysteria, RussiaGate, Russian trolls, fake news. These are playing simultaneously, like movies at a multiplex theater, and we all have free tickets to every one of them.

The great revolutionary journalist Andre Vltchek makes a striking comment:

Occasionally it is good to realize that there are actually two parallel realities that are constantly competing for the ‘hearts and minds’ of people living all over the world. There is real life and ‘fake life’. There is reality and elaborately manufactured pseudo-reality, which is designed to appear more real than the reality itself. It is like that chemically produced green apple shampoo that smells more authentic than the fruit itself.

Capitalism, with its intense drive to sell as much as possible, has developed to perfection the techniques of mass persuasion, which are also the techniques of creating false realities. Every commercial advertisement—and our minds are carpet-bombed with these things—is a capitalist mini-utopia: buy this product and your life will be transformed. The world of commodities presents itself as the real world, better than the real world, a little bit of heaven, yours to buy.

But this is the least of it. Capitalism, through all the institutions it owns and controls—corporations, government, schools, media—constructs a massive false reality, one which makes capitalism and imperialism seem normal, okay, good, virtuous, necessary, and at any rate, inevitable.

Vltchek goes on to say:

Remember: pseudo-reality kills! And it wants you to participate in this murder.

Capitalism and its imperialism are murdering everything on the planet. This is not an overstatement. Millions of humans are murdered by imperial wars, which also create tens of millions of refugees and destroy whole societies. Hundreds of millions are murdered by poverty. The planet is murdered by plunder and pollution. Human society itself is murdered when turned into a giant planetary market. Markets are the very opposite of societies; they are collections of privatized individuals.

Capitalism’s capacity to control consciousness, to create believable fake realities that seem preferable to real reality, has reached proportions that are frankly apocalyptic. Vltchek expresses an almost forlorn hope:

Perhaps it is almost impossible to cut through the pseudo-reality manufactured by the mainstream media, academia and ‘culture’. Or maybe it’s not impossible. I actually believe that ‘it is never too late’, as I believe that nothing in life is truly ‘impossible’.

I hope he’s right.


Vltchek, Andre. New Year’s Message and Warning from a War Correspondent., 29 Dec 2017.


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