99% of History Was Communist

We live in the 1% that is not.

Modern humans are several hundred thousand years old. During 99% of that time we lived in hunter-gatherer societies. These societies were characterized by a high level of equality and by communal sharing of basic resources. There was no class hierarchy, no systematic concentration of economic and political power. There were no rich and poor, no princes and paupers, no elites and commoners. The political and economic system was not based on the grinding exploitation of human by human.

If any society today had these characteristics, it would without hesitation be called communist, and would be ridiculed, condemned, undermined, attacked, and replaced with capitalism.

The primal human social system was communism.

Original communism was not perfect, not ideal, not romantic. Humans are prone to many faults, and always will be. And if we ever regain our communist heritage,  human existence will not then become perfect.

But it will be a hell of a lot better than capitalism, a very recent and very violent impostor.


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