Month: May 2018

Hopeless but not broken

George Carlin, the late, great comedian, said that his motto had become: “Fuck hope!” I agree. Hope is overrated. If you stand around waiting for hope, you’ll be standing in that position for a long, long time. Instead, just do what’s right. Bruce E. Levine has an interesting […]

Russians want communism back

When the Soviet Union was dismantled (it did not collapse) in 1991, over the expressed opposition of 76% of voters, its unfortunate population was plunged into a unique and distressing historical experiment: they got to compare communism and capitalism up close and personal. Such clear and  well-defined experiments […]

Academics as intelligence informants

The tentacles of imperialism reach everywhere. And it comes as no surprise that academics willingly aid this imperial outreach. James Petras, himself an academic long involved with Latin American leftist social movements, describes how this happens. A common practice is “de-briefing”: Academics meet and discuss their field-work, data […]

Capitalism: Let’s all pitch in to clean the toilets

A while back I wrote about the effect of capitalist decline on the schoolchildren of Detroit (Wonders of Capitalism – Homeless Schoolchildren).  Capitalist austerity is everywhere, of course. In Chicago, cutbacks and outsourcing have also led to filthy schools. Because of cutbacks in the number (and the pay) […]