Russians want communism back

When the Soviet Union was dismantled (it did not collapse) in 1991, over the expressed opposition of 76% of voters, its unfortunate population was plunged into a unique and distressing historical experiment: they got to compare communism and capitalism up close and personal.

Such clear and  well-defined experiments are rare in history. Here is an opportunity to see what people think of communism and capitalism based on personal experience. Middle-aged and older Russians have by now lived decades under each system. In all of history, no people are in a better position to compare and contrast life under these two systems. So, what do they say?

58% of Russians would like to see socialism and the Soviet Union restored; 31% would not.

By a margin of two-to-one, Russians want communism back. Who is better fit to judge?


Poll: Collapse of Soviet Union.Levada-Center, 19 Apr. 2016. (Use Google Translate)
Referendum on the Preservation of the USSR.Sputnik International, Mar. 2011.

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