We lived surrounded by lies; we live immersed in lies. As pointed out by the journalist Andre Vltchek, who has covered the devastation of capitalism and Western imperialism around the world:

Occasionally it is good to realize that there are actually two parallel realities that are constantly competing for the ‘hearts and minds’ of people living all over the world. There is real life and ‘fake life’. There is reality and elaborately manufactured pseudo-reality, which is designed to appear more real than the reality itself. It is like that chemically produced green apple shampoo that smells more authentic than the fruit itself.

If we are to rescue ourselves, and the world we live in, from capitalism—the brutal and annihilating last-stage cancer of class society—we must first liberate ourselves from capitalism’s lies. We must resist the seduction of the fake green apples that smell better than the real thing. Vltchek adds:

Remember: pseudo-reality kills! And it wants you to participate in this murder.

Capitalism is murdering everything—the planet and humanity both—reducing everything to raw material and commodities, all in the pursuit of profit.

Lies enable us to participate in this terrible reality: we don’t see the dreadful reality. Without truth, we are lost. Without truth, we follow illusions.

These illusions are not innocent. They are carefully crafted to serve power and to hold the rest of us in bondage.  Lies are well armed and will not surrender. Truth is won by struggle.

This site is my own small contribution to the struggle to reclaim the truth.

Dare to think, dare to speak, dare to act! —Mao Zedong


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