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Counter-revolution is a constant threat

Many leftists, including revolutionary leftists, don’t seem to understand that all revolutions must deal with counter-revolution. All communist revolutions were under deadly assault from the very beginning. This assault continued without let up throughout their entire existence. This is the reality of all revolutions. They are never left […]

North Korea’s economy is better than you think

One of the stock accusations against communism is that it inevitably results in economic disaster, delivering only poverty and famine to its captive populations. The shelves of stores are perpetually bare; people wait in line all day for meager rations; life is reduced to a scramble for bare […]

Who benefits when speech is suppressed?

There are many arguments to be made in favor of freedom of speech. John Stewart Mill’s On Liberty is the classic presentation. But to my mind one argument stands above all others: The most dangerous ideas in any society are the ruling ideas, the ideas that everyone believes, […]

The demise of free speech in America

Free speech is the jewel in the crown of Liberalism. While Liberalism has many objectionable features—individualism, laissez-faire, freedom as procedure rather than substance—its defense of the right to speak and debate any idea is a lasting contribution to human progress. John Stewart Mill’s On Liberty is the classic […]

Freedom and politically correct hysteria

There can be no real personal freedom while living in a culture of hysteria. The United States seems particularly prone to episodes of moral panic and group hysteria. A century ago, D. H. Lawrence scoffed at this country’s self-image: The land of the free! This the land of […]