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Academics as intelligence informants

The tentacles of imperialism reach everywhere. And it comes as no surprise that academics willingly aid this imperial outreach. James Petras, himself an academic long involved with Latin American leftist social movements, describes how this happens. A common practice is “de-briefing”: Academics meet and discuss their field-work, data […]

Capitalism: Let’s all pitch in to clean the toilets

A while back I wrote about the effect of capitalist decline on the schoolchildren of Detroit (Wonders of Capitalism – Homeless Schoolchildren).  Capitalist austerity is everywhere, of course. In Chicago, cutbacks and outsourcing have also led to filthy schools. Because of cutbacks in the number (and the pay) […]

Capitalism: Amazon workers can’t pee

No chance to pee. Amazon, the online retail giant, prides itself on rapid delivery of orders—no one can match it. To achieve this remarkable speed, Amazon applies intense pressure to its warehouse workers, who report that they must pick and pack two products per minute. Warehouses are large, […]

Insect Death and Capitalism

As Robert Hunziker points out in a series of disturbing articles, there is now good evidence that insect populations are dropping sharply all over the earth. Scientists everywhere, from Western Europe to Australia, are noticing this. One recent study concluded that total insect biomass has declined by 75% […]

Capitalism: Truck drivers lose 10 years of life

The trucking industry is one of the largest employers in the country, with 3.5 million drivers and as many other support personnel. Truck drivers have significantly worse health than average. They often work long hours; long-haul drivers in particular may have to be away from home for days […]

Capitalism Is Psychopathic

A psychopath commits violent and antisocial acts without compunction. Psychopaths lack empathy and remorse. They are egotistical but often charming, and they can be skilled at manipulating people. These are traits deeply embedded in personality structure. Capitalism is like a psychopath. Often capitalism’s opponents forget this. Instead, they […]

Wonders of Capitalism – Puerto Rico

One hundred days after being hit by Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to make landfall in almost a century, Puerto Rico languishes amidst devastation. An American colony since it was seized during the imperialist Spanish-American War of 1898, Puerto Rico joins the growing list of “sacrifice zones” […]