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Insect Death and Capitalism

As Robert Hunziker points out in a series of disturbing articles, there is now good evidence that insect populations are dropping sharply all over the earth. Scientists everywhere, from Western Europe to Australia, are noticing this. One recent study concluded that total insect biomass has declined by 75% […]

Capitalism Is Psychopathic

A psychopath commits violent and antisocial acts without compunction. Psychopaths lack empathy and remorse. They are egotistical but often charming, and they can be skilled at manipulating people. These are traits deeply embedded in personality structure. Capitalism is like a psychopath. Often capitalism’s opponents forget this. Instead, they […]

Wonders of Capitalism – Puerto Rico

One hundred days after being hit by Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to make landfall in almost a century, Puerto Rico languishes amidst devastation. An American colony since it was seized during the imperialist Spanish-American War of 1898, Puerto Rico joins the growing list of “sacrifice zones” […]

“Democracy” and Revolution

Communist societies are condemned for their supposed lack of democracy. By comparison, Western societies universally describe themselves as democratic. This is a double hoax. First, Western societies, despite elections, are not actually democratic at all. The famous Gilens and Page study has proven this once and for all. […]

The Fake Reality of Luscious Green Apples

We are in the midst of a whole series of manufactured hysterias: the #MeToo sex hysteria, RussiaGate, Russian trolls, fake news. These are playing simultaneously, like movies at a multiplex theater, and we all have free tickets to every one of them. The great revolutionary journalist Andre Vltchek […]

Wonders of Capitalism – Homeless Schoolchildren

This comment in a recent article on Detroit schools leaped out at me: Last month, Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) school superintendent Nikolai Vitti noted that at least 10 percent of Detroit students are homeless—putting Detroit on par with New York City. Of the nation’s 1.3 million […]

Death of the Left

Paul Craig Roberts, himself no leftist, nevertheless recognizes the necessity of a vibrant left as a countervailing power; otherwise, capitalism runs amok and destroys everything. But the left has been destroyed by identity politics. Here is how Roberts puts it: Karl Marx said: “Workers of the world unite; […]