Category: Philosophy

Hopeless but not broken

George Carlin, the late, great comedian, said that his motto had become: “Fuck hope!” I agree. Hope is overrated. If you stand around waiting for hope, you’ll be standing in that position for a long, long time. Instead, just do what’s right. Bruce E. Levine has an interesting […]

Who benefits when speech is suppressed?

There are many arguments to be made in favor of freedom of speech. John Stewart Mill’s On Liberty is the classic presentation. But to my mind one argument stands above all others: The most dangerous ideas in any society are the ruling ideas, the ideas that everyone believes, […]

The demise of free speech in America

Free speech is the jewel in the crown of Liberalism. While Liberalism has many objectionable features—individualism, laissez-faire, freedom as procedure rather than substance—its defense of the right to speak and debate any idea is a lasting contribution to human progress. John Stewart Mill’s On Liberty is the classic […]

Is the West dead?

No, I’m not talking about global warming or nuclear war. The philosopher Andre Vltchek speaks of something even more fundamental in his essay The West is finished. He begins with the obvious: the West is utterly triumphant. Measured by its ability to dominate the planet, to amass colossal […]

Liberal freedom is cruel and inhumane

As I have been working on my book, I have come to realize more and more clearly how fundamentally amoral and inhumane liberalism is. In a recent article ┬áthe philosopher M. G. Piety says: Plato thought the freedoms associated with democracy would ultimately destroy it. I explain to […]

Against cynicism

Cynicism says everything is rotten. Cynicism says everything is corrupt. But cynicism never attacks corruption. Instead it attacks ideals. Why? Because cynicism needs rottenness and corruption. Without these cynicism would itself appear ridiculous. And besides, to attack evil requires an ideal. But cynicism despises all ideals. So cynicism […]

Truth is a lie

An entire society can be built on a mountain of lies. The most fundamental beliefs, the most intensely held convictions, the most intense motivating energy of an entire world can be based on nonsense. Complete nonsense. Deranged nonsense. Nonsense that causes vast suffering. This happens all the time […]