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A Fake News Assault on Dissident Media

We are in the midst of a whole series of generated hysterias, ranging from Russian interference to sexual harassment. Each of these is being pushed hard by powerful forces and together are shifting the country ever further toward repression. The hysteria about fake news is especially threatening to […]

Assange on Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse

Below is my own summary of remarks by Julian Assange on the threat posed to humanity by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a brilliant analysis and warning; I agree with Assange that this may be the biggest threat to humanity. It’s best if you listen to Assange himself, […]

Wonders of Capitalism – Homeless Schoolchildren

This comment in a recent article on Detroit schools leaped out at me: Last month, Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) school superintendent Nikolai Vitti noted that at least 10 percent of Detroit students are homeless—putting Detroit on par with New York City. Of the nation’s 1.3 million […]

USA – Land of Hysteria and Harassment

The cultural climate in the US has become so foul, so crazy, so brutal, as to be almost unendurable. For example, we are currently in the midst of a fanatical hysteria about sexual misconduct. As David North of the World Socialist Web Site describes it: America is passing […]

Death of the Left

Paul Craig Roberts, himself no leftist, nevertheless recognizes the necessity of a vibrant left as a countervailing power; otherwise, capitalism runs amok and destroys everything. But the left has been destroyed by identity politics. Here is how Roberts puts it: Karl Marx said: “Workers of the world unite; […]

Liberals – Shills for the Ruling Class

Chris Hedges, in The Death of the Liberal Class, argues that Democratic Party liberalism has always functioned to divert energy away from real social change into pseudo-reforms that don’t really threaten ruling class power. Here is how it works. Liberals and Democrats are given a seat at the […]