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Freedom and politically correct hysteria

There can be no real personal freedom while living in a culture of hysteria. The United States seems particularly prone to episodes of moral panic and group hysteria. A century ago, D. H. Lawrence scoffed at this country’s self-image: The land of the free! This the land of […]

Nazi victims of communism

From time to time you hear about so-called memorials to the “victims of communism.” Such monuments have been established in various countries and apparently now Canada is considering one. I have never heard of a memorial to the victims of capitalism, or to the victims of Western colonialism […]

You can’t know the truth unless you care

As I work on my book about the anticommunist black legend, I have become more and more aware of the world of lies we live within. We are like fish swimming in water and not even knowing it. Almost everything we know about the world — and almost […]

Syria: The lies never die

A sad day. We are trapped in a world of lies and there is no escape. The lies never die. The lies never stop. Yesterday the US launched a cruise missile attack on Syria. Once again the US is accusing Syria of using poison gas and killing large […]

Trump, the Deep State, and the Terminator

I really hate to write anything about Trump because I am sick and tired of the whole issue. But it’s so important it can’t be avoided. What is happening now is that the “deep state” is more or less attempting to overthrow, or at least neutralize, a new […]

Rehersals of revolutionary awareness

Here is a good article by the late John Berger about the real function of demonstrations. The article dates from the heady days of 1968, long gone but not forgotten (by me). Berger argues that the true purpose of demonstrations is not to convince the authorities of something. […]