John Wycliffe and the Black Book of Communism

John Wycliffe was a prominent 14th century English theologian, religious reformer, and Bible translator. Wycliffe attacked the power and status of the Church, its institutions, and its clergy. Wycliffe believed the scriptures were the only reliable guide to truth, not the Church and its priests.  He advocated that scriptures […]

99% of History Was Communist

We live in the 1% that is not. Modern humans are several hundred thousand years old. During 99% of that time we lived in hunter-gatherer societies. These societies were characterized by a high level of equality and by communal sharing of basic resources. There was no class hierarchy, […]

Capitalism Is Psychopathic

A psychopath commits violent and antisocial acts without compunction. Psychopaths lack empathy and remorse. They are egotistical but often charming, and they can be skilled at manipulating people. These are traits deeply embedded in personality structure. Capitalism is like a psychopath. Often capitalism’s opponents forget this. Instead, they […]

Wonders of Capitalism – Puerto Rico

One hundred days after being hit by Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to make landfall in almost a century, Puerto Rico languishes amidst devastation. An American colony since it was seized during the imperialist Spanish-American War of 1898, Puerto Rico joins the growing list of “sacrifice zones” […]

“Democracy” and Revolution

Communist societies are condemned for their supposed lack of democracy. By comparison, Western societies universally describe themselves as democratic. This is a double hoax. First, Western societies, despite elections, are not actually democratic at all. The famous Gilens and Page study has proven this once and for all. […]

A Fake News Assault on Dissident Media

We are in the midst of a whole series of generated hysterias, ranging from Russian interference to sexual harassment. Each of these is being pushed hard by powerful forces and together are shifting the country ever further toward repression. The hysteria about fake news is especially threatening to […]

Assange on Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse

Below is my own summary of remarks by Julian Assange on the threat posed to humanity by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a brilliant analysis and warning; I agree with Assange that this may be the biggest threat to humanity. It’s best if you listen to Assange himself, […]