Soviet Atom Spies – Heroes of Peace

Soviet atom spies as heroes—there’s something you don’t hear every day, but in this wonderfully brave article Dave Lindorff argues just that. Two young communists, Theodore Hall and Klaus Fuchs, working as physicists on the Manhattan Project that developed the atom bomb, provided crucial information to the Soviet […]

Garrison Keillor Stands Strong

Garrison Keillor is the latest victim in the mounting toll of the American Sex Hysteria of 2017. The creator of the beloved radio show “Prairie Home Companion” has been sacked and written out of history because he touched a woman’s back, allegedly to show sympathy as she expressed […]

Lost in the forest

Fidel Castro once said: Marxism taught me what society was. I was like a blindfolded man in a forest, who doesn’t even know where north or south is. If you don’t eventually come to truly understand the history of the class struggle, or at least have a clear […]

Identity politics: a gift to the ruling class

The Left has been destroyed. Identity politics has taken its place. It takes a Paul Craig Roberts, not himself a leftist, to see this clearly: Once upon a time the leftwing of the political spectrum was committed to the advancement of the working class and its protection from […]