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John Wycliffe and the Black Book of Communism

John Wycliffe was a prominent 14th century English theologian, religious reformer, and Bible translator. Wycliffe attacked the power and status of the Church, its institutions, and its clergy. Wycliffe believed the scriptures were the only reliable guide to truth, not the Church and its priests.  He advocated that scriptures […]

Counter-revolution is a constant threat

Many leftists, including revolutionary leftists, don’t seem to understand that all revolutions must deal with counter-revolution. All communist revolutions were under deadly assault from the very beginning. This assault continued without let up throughout their entire existence. This is the reality of all revolutions. They are never left […]

Nazi victims of communism

From time to time you hear about so-called memorials to the “victims of communism.” Such monuments have been established in various countries and apparently now Canada is considering one. I have never heard of a memorial to the victims of capitalism, or to the victims of Western colonialism […]

Left Anticommunism as Self-Mutilation

The left today is as anticommunist as the right, maybe even more so. This may be surprising. After all, the left, by definition, is the political movement to overthrow class society — and thus capitalism — and establish a world based on equality. One would think that communism […]

Anticommunist tactic: our high standards

Anticommunism is a morality tale. They are wicked, we are good. The “we are good” part is usually left unstated. It is simply taken as self-evident. This makes the assumption all that more powerful (and preserves it from challenge). But if the anticommunist is forced to concede that […]

Bitter Truth

One of the H-bomb accusations against communism is that Stalin deliberately created a horrific famine in the Ukraine in 1932-33, killing millions. Supposedly this was done to crush peasant resistance to forced agricultural collectivization and to destroy Ukrainian nationalism. This story has been around since the 1930s, when […]

A People’s History of Communism?

Following the huge success of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, a great many other “people’s histories” have appeared. A brief search of Amazon shows titles such as these: A People’s History of the World A People’s History of Modern Europe A People’s History of […]