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US Middle East wars have killed 4 million

The US and its sidekicks Britain and the EU have been engaged in imperial wars against a great many Muslim countries since at least 1991. These wars have devastated country after country. Whole societies have been wrecked, ruined, and reduced to chaos and misery. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, […]

Bridge of Lies

Recently I watched the Steven Spielberg movie Bridge of Spies. This movie is about several famous Cold War episodes: the capture and prosecution of a Russian spy in the United States, the capture and prosecution of an American spy in the Soviet Union, and the successful efforts to […]

Lies: like a fish swimming in water

As I work on my book about anticommunism, I see more and more clearly that we live surrounded by lies. And more than that, much more disturbing, much more frightening, these lies penetrate and saturate and compose our very selves. We don’t just swim in these lies like […]