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Capitalism: Amazon workers can’t pee

No chance to pee. Amazon, the online retail giant, prides itself on rapid delivery of orders—no one can match it. To achieve this remarkable speed, Amazon applies intense pressure to its warehouse workers, who report that they must pick and pack two products per minute. Warehouses are large, […]

Capitalism: Truck drivers lose 10 years of life

The trucking industry is one of the largest employers in the country, with 3.5 million drivers and as many other support personnel. Truck drivers have significantly worse health than average. They often work long hours; long-haul drivers in particular may have to be away from home for days […]

Meritocracy is a malignant lie

Meritocracy is the idea that wealth, power, and status are the results of individual merit, or at least should be. In a perfectly free society without discrimination, so the story goes, the superior will rise and the inferior will sink, each to their own proper level.