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Nazi victims of communism II

In today’s Bulgaria there are at least two national monuments to “victims of communism” as well as a memorial website. In addition, there is an official Day of Homage and Gratitude to the Victims of the Communist Regime. It turns out that many of these victims were Nazi […]

Nazi victims of communism

From time to time you hear about so-called memorials to the “victims of communism.” Such monuments have been established in various countries and apparently now Canada is considering one. I have never heard of a memorial to the victims of capitalism, or to the victims of Western colonialism […]

Syria: The lies never die

A sad day. We are trapped in a world of lies and there is no escape. The lies never die. The lies never stop. Yesterday the US launched a cruise missile attack on Syria. Once again the US is accusing Syria of using poison gas and killing large […]