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“Democracy” and Revolution

Communist societies are condemned for their supposed lack of democracy. By comparison, Western societies universally describe themselves as democratic. This is a double hoax. First, Western societies, despite elections, are not actually democratic at all. The famous Gilens and Page study has proven this once and for all. […]

Abandon socialism!

I mean the word “socialism.” This word is too weak. Too compromised. Even Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist. He means a kind of New Deal liberalism: capitalism with modest social welfare. Capitalism with a benevolent face. We have moved so far to the right that even pathetic […]

Rehersals of revolutionary awareness

Here is a good article by the late John Berger about the real function of demonstrations. The article dates from the heady days of 1968, long gone but not forgotten (by me). Berger argues that the true purpose of demonstrations is not to convince the authorities of something. […]