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USA – Land of Hysteria and Harassment

The cultural climate in the US has become so foul, so crazy, so brutal, as to be almost unendurable. For example, we are currently in the midst of a fanatical hysteria about sexual misconduct. As David North of the World Socialist Web Site describes it: America is passing […]

Sex Harassment – How Common?

Sex Hysteria 2017. In the midst of the ongoing frenzy about sexual harassment, during which large numbers of prominent men have been accused and summarily fired and banished from employment, it might be useful and clarifying to touch the ground and look at actual facts. From the frightening […]

Garrison Keillor Stands Strong

Garrison Keillor is the latest victim in the mounting toll of the American Sex Hysteria of 2017. The creator of the beloved radio show “Prairie Home Companion” has been sacked and written out of history because he touched a woman’s back, allegedly to show sympathy as she expressed […]