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Death of the Left

Paul Craig Roberts, himself no leftist, nevertheless recognizes the necessity of a vibrant left as a countervailing power; otherwise, capitalism runs amok and destroys everything. But the left has been destroyed by identity politics. Here is how Roberts puts it: Karl Marx said: “Workers of the world unite; […]

Liberals – Shills for the Ruling Class

Chris Hedges, in The Death of the Liberal Class, argues that Democratic Party liberalism has always functioned to divert energy away from real social change into pseudo-reforms that don’t really threaten ruling class power. Here is how it works. Liberals and Democrats are given a seat at the […]

Identity politics: a gift to the ruling class

The Left has been destroyed. Identity politics has taken its place. It takes a Paul Craig Roberts, not himself a leftist, to see this clearly: Once upon a time the leftwing of the political spectrum was committed to the advancement of the working class and its protection from […]

The demise of free speech in America

Free speech is the jewel in the crown of Liberalism. While Liberalism has many objectionable features—individualism, laissez-faire, freedom as procedure rather than substance—its defense of the right to speak and debate any idea is a lasting contribution to human progress. John Stewart Mill’s On Liberty is the classic […]

Freedom and politically correct hysteria

There can be no real personal freedom while living in a culture of hysteria. The United States seems particularly prone to episodes of moral panic and group hysteria. A century ago, D. H. Lawrence scoffed at this country’s self-image: The land of the free! This the land of […]